Filter setup (optional)

The filter settings allow you to control which fields the List View can be filtered on.

Basic settings

Adjust basic settings, like filter layout and button position.

Field nameDescriptionReq.

Preserve Filter Values

Make filter settings persist by storing the most recently used filter values locally.

Filter Layout

Controls the number of filters shown per line.

  • 3 of 12 : Shows four filter dropdowns per line. (default)

  • 4 of 12 : Shows three filter dropdowns per line.


Search Button Position

Controls the position of the search button.

  • Right Column: the search button will appear at the right side of the filters. (default)

  • Last Column: the search button will appear in the last column.


Adding and editing filters

The list can be filtered on any field in the underlying object, and you can configure the filters based on the filter type.

Adding filters

The available filter options are based on fields in the underlying object which the list is based on.

  1. Click the Add Filters button.

  2. In the pop-up window that opens, select the fields you want to add to the filter.

  3. When you have finished selecting the fields to filter by, click the Add button.

Editing filters

You can configure the properties depending on the data type of the filter field.

Available filter types

  • Text

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Multiple choice

  • Date

  • Date / time (only available in date format)

  • Lookup

  • Checkbox

Field nameDescriptionReq.


The API name of the field being used as a filter.



The display name of the filter.


Match Condition

Specify the type of match to use with a Text-type filter.

  • Contains (default)

  • Equals

  • Start with

Search Type

Specify how to use Number-type filters.

  • Operators: use operators (=,<=,>=... etc). (default)

  • Range (From, To): Specify a range to search within.

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