Linked objects setup

To implement the Schedule Configurator, you first need to specify a Parent object, a Line-item object, and a Schedule object.

For example, if you want to build a configurator to allow you to create schedule to an opportunity, you would set the Parent object to the Opportunity object, the Line-item object to the Opportunity Product object, and the Schedule object to the OpportunityLineItemSchedule object.( You need to enable Product Schedules Settings in Setup before you can use the object.)


Parent Object

The object to which you want to add a line-item configurator, such as an opportunity, quote, contract.


Line-item Object

The Line-item object is the Junction which connects the other two objects. For example, the OpportunityProduct, QuoteLineItem objects.

Schedule Object

The object where the schedule will be stored. πŸ’‘ Tip If you use Line-Item, you must have a Lookup relationship with Line-Item.

If you are not using Line-Item, you must have a Lookup relationship with Parent.

You must have a Lookup relationship with Schedule Configurator.


Line-item Object Advanced Setting

Set sorting, conditions, and more when importing saved records in the Line-Item Editor.


Order By

Sets the sorting when returning records for a saved line-item. Enter the ORDER BY clause in SOQL.

For example, if you want results to appear in descending date order, you can write CreatedDate DESC.

Advanced Condition

Specify a pre-filter condition to restrict the results users will see. Enter the WHERE clause in SOQL. For example, if you want users to see only records that are active (field: isActive), you can write IsActive = true.

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