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Lookup Selector
Line-Item Editor
Q: Can I set a filter so that only specific values will be displayed to users when they are selecting from the Parent objects?
In Advanced Condition, you can use {$Parent.fieldname} to filter for the desired Parent field values.
Reference: Lookup Object Filter > Advanced Condition
Q: Can I just use the Line-Item Editor without the Lookup Selector?
If you check "Block adding items" on the Linked Objects Setup screen when specifying the Lookup object, users will only be able to use the Line-Item Editor, not the Lookup Selector. However, you must still specify a Lookup object. In the future, we plan to support the use of the Parent and Line-Item objects alone, without a Lookup object.
Q: Can I control deletion of objects from the Line-Item Editor based on certain conditions?
You can specify a Boolean field in the Line-Item object to control whether or not objects can be deleted. Where the value of this field is true, deletion will be blocked.