Quick start: creating a new Schedule configurator

Getting started Schedule Configurator

In the SmallBuilder Schedules app, go to the Schedule Configurator tab and press the New button.

The Builder is launched when you edit or create a new Schedule Configurator.

This will take you to the Builder screen. The builder consists of a side panel and a settings panel, with three steps.

Once you have set up all the elements required for the Configurator in the Builder, press the Save button to complete the implementation.

  1. It's a collection of buttons: preview, add button, save, and delete.

    • Relate Objects The Line-Item Configurator connects three objects: the Parent object, the Line-Item object, and the Schedule object. In this step, you specify which objects to use for each of them. Only validly Junctioned objects will be available to choose. Both Salesforce Standard and Custom objects are supported.

    • Setup Control Field Select the values to create the Schedule from the fields in Parent,Line-Item. This step sets the default values used when creating the Schedule.

    • Setup Schedule Object This is where you select the fields of the Schedule value that will actually be saved.

  2. This is the panel for setting the builder's preferences. Set the name and description of the builder.

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