Quick start

Getting started with the Document Template Builder

To add a new template, click the New button in the Document Templates app.

Unlike other programs that use a word processor-style editor, the Document Template Builder allows you to build documents block-by-block. This makes it easy to control template design and layout intuitively.

The Template Designer consists of two areas.

πŸ‘€ The Component List allows you to add components to the template, and change the template properties.

  1. Component tab: Allows you to add components to the template.

    βœ’οΈ Components are design elements like text, images and tables.

    βœ’οΈ You can configure the properties of each component.

    βœ’οΈ The Text element's properties pane has a button to insert data from a field.

  2. Setting tab: Change the template properties.


    Target Object

    Specify the object on which the document is based.


    Template Name

    Specify a name for this document template.


    File Name

    Specify a name for saved PDFs of these documents.


    The version number you specify will be appended to the filename.


    Resizes images in formula fields.

    PDF margin

    Specify PDF page margins. Note: This should be at least 10mm if you are using headers or footers in the template.

    Enable Email Form

    Allows users to email the PDF to contacts, directly from the PDF preview window.

πŸ‘€ The Canvas is the area where the components are arranged according to your design.

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