What's a component? A component is a pre-built implementation of a frequently-used document element. Users can freely drag-and-drop components to easily create a template.

  1. Click Component to go to the Component Panel.

  1. Click Add component.

  1. Click the desired component to add it to your template.



A title to display in your documents.


You can freely enter text together with data from fields.


You can upload images.

Image + text

An image followed by text.


A blank space between components.


A horizontal dividing line.


Adds an empty table with a default four columns and three rows. You can adjust this later.

Table with 2 columns

Adds an empty table with a default two columns and one row. You can adjust this later.

Table (Related)

Displays data from a related object in the form of a table.

Table (Related) - Grouped

You can specify a field to group this data by.

Table (Related) - Filtered

You can set conditions to show only specific records.

Table (Related) - Grouped with image

You can embed images in grouped data tables.

Page Header

Page Footer

  1. Drag and drop a Component to the desired position in the list.

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