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Creating an invoice template

One of the most commonly requested custom document templates
  • Enter the Target Object (e.g. Quote), a template name, and save to create a placeholder for the invoice.

  • Use the Page Header component to maintain a consistent company style for your documents by placing company information at the top or bottom of each document.

  • Use a Table component to display key information on the invoice.
Add a component by selecting `Component` > `Add Component` > `Table`. Now you can enter the contents of the table.
Optionally, select the cells you want to merge to make a title for the invoice, and press Merge to select the merge direction and the number of cells to merge.

  • To add a value from a Salesforce object to the invoice, hover your cursor over the desired location and click the Field button to add a field.
Select where you want to enter the field. Click `Component` then `Field`, then choose the field to add. Finally, select a display format based on the data type.

  • Use the Empty and Divider components to control the spacing between components in the invoice, or to separate content to make the document more readable.

  • Use the Table (Related) to display a list of the products you are charging your customer for.
Component > Add Component > Table (Related)
Select the appropriate object for the product you want to add -> Select the fields to display -> Apply
Use the arrows to change the order of the fields -> Choose whether to sum or number fields -> Confirm