Datatable setup

You can control which fields appear in the List view.

Basic settings

Control basic settings, such as allowing multiple selections in a data table, summary view, etc.

Field nameDescriptionReq.


Additional filter conditions to control the results displayed in the data table.

Order By

Control how to sort the displayed results.

Records by Page

Select the number of records to display per page.

  • 20

  • 50 (default)

  • 100

  • 200


Multi Selectable

Displays a checkbox in the first column of the list to allow the user to select multiple records.

Show Summary

If selected, this field will be included in the summary at the bottom of the list.

Adding and editing columns

How to a add and edit the columns that appear in your data table.

Adding columns

Columns can be added based on the fields in the List target object. If you want to also display data from other Salesforce objects or an external data source, you can create a virtual column in your data table without having to create a field in the target object itself.

  1. Click the Add Columns button.

  2. Choose the field you want to add from the popup list.

  3. When you have finished adding columns, click the Add button.

Editing columns

  • Setting default properties

Field nameDescriptionReq.


Shows the API Name of the field used by this column.



The label displayed in the column header.


Column Align

The alignment of the values in the column.

  • Left (default)

  • Right

  • Center

Column Width(px)

The width of the column in pixels.


Clicking a value in the column will redirect the user to this link. You can use {$Current.FieldName} to pass values from the List target object.


Enable this if you want to display an image in this column.

  • Image settings

Set the height and width of images, if they are enabled.

Field nameDescription

Image Width

Sets the width of the image in pixels.

Image Height

Sets the height of the image in pixels.

  • Summary settings

If the column type is numeric, you can include a sum total, or an average, at the bottom of your data table.

Field nameDescription


Enable this to include this column in the summary row at the bottom of your data table.

Summary Label

The label to diplay on the summary.

Summary Type

Select a summary type.

  • Sum: displays the sum total of the values in this column.

  • Average: displays the mean average of the values in this column.

The field type is either Text, Number, Currency or Image

The summary type is either Sum, Average or Count

Virtual fields

Creates a virtual column that can temporarily hold and display data pulled from an internal or external data source.

Your object table will not really contain this column, but it can still be displayed. This is useful when you want to display values from other Salesforce objects or external systems.

Field nameDescriptionReq.

Virtual Type

Select the data type for the virtual column.

  • Text

  • Number

  • Currency


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