Action setup (optional)

You can define Actions which will be displayed as buttons in the list view.

Adding an action (button)

Field nameDescriptionReq.


The label appearing on the button


Button Variant

Specify the appearance of the button. The following options are available:

  • Base

  • Neutral (default)

  • Brand

  • Brand Outline

  • Destructive

  • Destructive Text

  • Success

Action Type

Specify the type of action.

  • Flow: connect to a Flow action.

  • URL: Links to a web address.

  • New: creates a new record of the relevant object.

  • Delete: Deletes the record.



Field nameDescriptionReq.


Select the Flow you want to run.


Parameter Type

Select the type of parameter to pass when running the Flow.

  • SObject: Pass the type of object specified by the list.

  • Record Id: Pass the Record ID.

  • None: Don't pass a parameter.


Parameter Name

If the Parameter Type is SObject or Record Id, you must select a resource to receive from the Flow.


Field nameDescriptionReq.


Enter the URL to navigate to (either absolute or relative).


Parameter Field API Name

Select a field from the list's target object to append as a parameter to the URL. This passes the value of the specified field, for the selected record(s) in the list.

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