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The Line-item Configurator Builder helps you implement line-item configurators from standard Salesforce objects like opportunities and quotes, as well as from custom objects, with support for discount rate calculators and external data linking, without coding or bespoke development.

Key features

Supports all objects
The Line-item Configurator Builder supports all objects. So you can use it not only on standard opportunities or quotes, but also on custom objects, such as products. You don't need coding any more to handle line items.
Point-and-click wizard
We provide an easy point-and-click wizard that makes it easy to implement complex line-item configurators connecting three or more objects, such as opportunities, products, and price lists.
External data and real-time integrations
If you want to look up data in external systems, you can have it retrieved in real-time. The Line-item Configurator uses APEX to do this.
Lightweight CPQ alternative
The Line-item Configurator adds a discount rate calculator to currency fields. This makes for a great lightweight CPQ alternative, if a quick and convenient discount calculation is important to you.