Quick start

Getting started with the List Builder

In the SmallBuilder app, go to the List Configurator tab and press the New button.

The builder interface is launched when you create or edit a new List configuration.

This will take you to the builder screen. This consists of three main parts: the top bar with buttons to save and preview the list, a preview panel, and a side panel with various settings.

Once you've set up all the elements required for the List in this view, press the Activate and Add Tab buttons to add your custom list to your users' Salesforce screens.

You can only activate the List once you've set up all the required settings:

  • Label

  • Target object

  • Datatable Setup

Here's a description of the numbered elements in the above screenshots:

  1. The title of the list is shown in the top-left, together with an indication of whether it is active or not. There are also buttons to save, preview, delete, or add the list as a tab in Salesforce.

  2. This side panel is where you set up your list. There are four panes:

    • Default Setup

      This contains basic settings for the list.

    • Action Setup

      These settings allow you to add an action (button) to the top of the list.

    • Filter Setup

      This allows you to configure a filter on the data displayed in the list.

    • Datatable Setup

      This is where you configure the data to be displayed in your list, and its appearance.

  3. This preview panel allows you to see the results of your changes to the layout of the list.

  4. This is the screen where you can add and edit internal or external datasources, to retrieve data from outside of the target Salesforce object. You can access this view by clicking the DataSource Setup button in the top bar (1).

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