Quick start: creating a new Line Item configurator

Getting started with Line-Item Configurator

In the SmallBuilder app, go to the Line-Item Configurator tab and press the New button.

The Builder is launched when you edit or create a new Line-item Configurator.

This will take you to the Builder screen. The builder consists of a side panel and a settings panel, with three steps.

Once you have set up all the elements required for the Configurator in the Builder, press the Activate button and the Add Button button to complete the implementation.

You can only activate the Configurator when all the mandatory fields have been set:

  • Name

  • Device

  • Related Objects section

  • Lookup Selector Field (at least three)

  • Line-Item Editor Field (at least three)

  1. If a configurator is active, it will say "Active" next to the title at the top left of the screen, and new buttons will be available: Preview, Add Button, and Delete.

  2. This shows your progress through the three steps of setting up the configurator. You can jump between steps by clicking them.

  3. In this side panel, you can choose the basic settings for your builder. You can set the builder's name, aspect ratio, device-specific layout, and more.

  4. This main panel allows you to configure your builder according to the step shown in the progress indicator (#2).

    • Linked Objects Setup

      The Line-Item Configurator connects three objects: the Parent object, the Line-Item object, and the Lookup object. In this step, you specify which objects to use for each of them. Only validly Junctioned objects will be available to choose. Both Salesforce Standard and Custom objects are supported.

      • The Parent object is what the line items will be associated with. For example, the Parent object could be the Opportunity.

      • The Line-item object is the Junction which connects the other two objects. For example, the OpportunityProduct object.

      • The Lookup object contains the information you would like to look up. For example, the PriceBookEntry object. You can choose the object based on the reference field provided in the Parent object (the possible values will be displayed automatically).

    • Lookup Selector Setup In this step you choose which fields to show when your user is selecting lookup items. For example, if your Lookup object is PriceBookEntry, when choosing products or PriceBookEntries to add to your opportunity, you will be able to view the product code, list price etc. You can also customise the view (column width and alignment).

    • Line-Item Editor Setup Here you can add fields from the Line-item object, as well as customise the view. For example, if your Line-item object is OpportunityProduct, you can add the quantity and totals.

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